Did you know that if you have homeowners Insurance and there’s a Hurricane that causes damages to your home? You may qualify for a Tax Deduction?

If you live in Florida, you know that nothing says summer more than the word “hurricane” and now we are officially in the hurricane/tropical storm season. If you’ve ever experienced any hurricane or tropical storm before, you know very well that you should start preparing for the worst-case scenario now rather than ending up completely washed out.
Whether you rent or own a home, insurance can be a lifesaver especially for any out of our hand situations such as a hurricane. First check with your home insurance policy. Even if you have a $250 deductible, a hurricane-related claim might fall under a different deductible (which can sometimes be higher.)
If there is a hurricane, you may also want to protect your important documents. You can do so by storing them in a sealed container that is elevated from the floor, to avoid being damaged if there is flooding. Flood insurance is also a good idea since South Florida is prone to flooding in heavy rains. Be careful though as some water-related damage might not necessarily fall under a hurricane claim.