New Business Formation

Setting up a proper plan for your business.

Everybody will give you advice as to what they think is right. When dealing with a business you are passionate about, it is important you get advice from a professional. These are a few of the decisions our professionals can help you with before starting your business:

How Much Limited Liability do i need?

Do I need to protect myself from liability that might arise from other partners?

How many Partners Can i have?

How many different classes of shares do i want to have?

Is there a structure that banks feel easier to loan capital to?

Important decisions.

As you can see there are many important decisions that must be made before starting your business; some you may not have thought about, but are important when choosing a proper structure. Depending on what you need, we can manage everything for you. The level of work depends on the detail you require. Some examples:

Corporate Kit

S-Corp Election

8832 Entity Classification Election


Business Plan